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Need an engaging Social Media Strategy? Well, Wolfluxe can help. By utilising Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as Digital Marketing tools, Wolfluxe will promote your online presence, increase your conversation rate and grow your existing clientele. We understand that a well-designed strategy is imperative to attract and subsequently convert your Social audience into new clients. Join our wolf pack so we can begin to cultivate and manage your Social Media and generate the results you aim to achieve.

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The power of Social Media Marketing: 73% of marketers believe Social Media Marketing has been effective for their business (Buffer).


75% of consumers have purchased something because they saw it on Social Media (Sproutsocial)


Social media usage by generation: 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% Gen X and 48.2% of Baby Boomers (Emarketer).


71% of consumers who have had a positive Social Media Service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others (Ambassador).


Audit and objective


By taking a look around your current social platforms, we can identify areas which could benefit from a well-rounded, targeted social strategy. From profile optimisation to audience analysis and social brand management, we’re able to take away the strain and be your eyes and ears on social.

competitor analysis


We compare your social presence to your competitors to see where we need to focus our attention in order to be the best competition for them. Coupled with our extensive knowledge of both social media and your industry, we’re able to give you an idea of where we can take your brand.

identify personas 1

3. identify personas

In order to target the right people on social media, we need to create a persona for your audience. Using our research, we will put together your perfect consumer persona and use it to target their likes, their requirements and tailor the content we put out to them.

social paid media

4. Social & Paid Media Strategies

Once we know which direction we need to take and who you want to target, we will compile a comprehensive, engaging social strategy to outline what we will do to keep your brand alive on social. For paid social strategies, we will outline proposed to spend as well as estimated reach and engagement.

Ads and creative

5. Ads & creative

Once the strategy has been finalised, it’s down to business. We will create weekly social media schedules with daily updates and bespoke media assets. We will also draft out any adverts we plan to run, including creatives.

campaign building

6. Campaign Building

The hard work starts here - this is when all our research and development of your campaign strategy gets put into practice. You will still own your social networks - we will simply oversee the activity on your behalf.

platform optimisation

7. Social Platform Optimisation

We take a look through your profiles on the various platforms and implement updates and amendments to help enhance your visibility and engagement.


8. Reporting

Using a variety of social listening and reporting tools, we’re able to report on significant changes on the fly - that’s real-time monitoring to ensure you’re staying on top of your brand across social.

Why your business needs Social Media Marketing_

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Gone are the days when having a website was enough for sufficient lead generation. We are now in the digital age, surrounded by a generation of tech-savvy Social Media users. In all honesty, it has never been more challenging to build an online presence that stands out from the noise. Around 24 million eCommerce websites are currently documented online, and more are being created each day. This gives you an essence of how saturated the online market has become and a more significant reason why it is even more essential to adopt innovative methods to make your brand stand out from your competitors. Having a website and Facebook page is no longer good enough to differentiate your brand from the rest. 

Wolfluxe understands that this can be daunting, as most brands have now jumped on the bandwagon and have started growing their Social audience via their Social Media. However, this is where we come in. We know that Social Media is a fantastic way to engage with real people online to build trust, establish a positive rapport and ultimately convert members of your online community into leads to boost your revenue. We see Social Media as an exciting opportunity to express your brand in a different way than what is shown on your website. 

Your Social identity should be genuine but professional, and Wolfluxe appreciates that your Social Media platform is an extension of your brand’s personality. Wolfluxe is not just a Digital Marketing Agency; we are your Social Media specialists. We are passionate about nurturing your brands Social Media presence on appropriate platforms and in a strategic manner that generates results.


To tailor your Social Media Marketing strategy to your brand and your brand aims, we first need to identify and more importantly, understand your audience. What do they like, dislike, resonate with? We can do this by assessing your current Social Media platforms and website analytics to find what content is popular amongst your fan base. 

If you are reading this thinking you do not have a website or any Social Media at this moment in time, then do not panic! Wolfluxe is experienced in conducting effective market research and comprehensive competitor analysis so we can identify your audience, recognise areas of your brand that should be focused on and summarise your brands potential on Social Media. Furthermore, performing a competitor analysis audit will show you the leading competitors in your field. We can then develop and execute a bespoke plan specifically designed for your brand that will draw attention away from your competitors and towards your business. 

Completing audits and setting objectives based on your brand’s current Social strategy is time-consuming and straining on your time, however, is it also something we feel passionate about. Wolfluxe is eager to alleviate the stress of your Social Media Marketing and ensure you are receiving the best quality service available to you

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The fundamental aim and expected outcome of developing an effective Social Media platform is the generation of a reliable online community. Although it may seem that the number of followers is indicative of your Social success, do not be fooled. It is important to remind yourself that 100 loyal followers is so much better than 1,000 indifferent followers. Loyal fans are more likely to engage with your content, share a mutual passion for your brand and provide a positive testimony. The more engagement in the form of likes, shares, comments and retweets you receive from reliable and trustworthy consumers, the more your brand awareness will grow. Every time you gain a loyal follower that shares your content with their community, your brand is shared amongst a collection of Social Media users that are potentially not familiar with your business. 

This concept highlights one of the advantages of utilising Social Media platforms in order to spread brand awareness. Approximately 66% of the UK consider themselves as an active Social Media user. With our help, you could create a community that promotes your brand naturally. This is an organic method of Social growth and preferred in comparison to using artificial bots or corporate machines to grow your Social presence. 

People crave human connection and enjoy building a real relationship over elements of common ground. Wolfluxe can tap into the conversations that are occurring amongst your audience to see what your community are saying about your brand. This is called Social listening, and is one of the approaches we use to enhance the outlook of your brand.

Community buildingblock
Community group

Our Strategies_

There is no ignoring that over the last several years, the number of businesses using Social Media to build their online audience has soured. Nevertheless, parallel to this, the pool of Social Media Marketing Agencies to choose from has also increased. Despite this, Wolfluxe continues to adapt and as a result, has many tips and tricks to help you stand out from the crowd. 


It can be confusing when deciding which Social Media platforms are appropriate for your brand. So why not save time and brain power by using our Social Media Consultancy Service. We can provide you with advice on which platforms are best for your brand, and implement guidelines so the information you want publishing online is matched to suitable Social audiences. 


Wolfluxe also believes that your Social Media presence is a reflection of your brand identity, therefore we are passionate about putting your brand values first and gaining the trust of your audience. After all, 86% of clients prefer a brand that demonstrates its transparency on Social Media. Being consistent with tone of voice, listening to your audience and what they want and keeping online conversation relevant to your brand is all part of developing a successful Social Media community. 


With our Consultancy Services, we offer Social Media Audits, software recommendations, industry analysis and implement funnel development to your bespoke Social Media Marketing Strategy. All methods are tired and tested, and guaranteed to provide you with the results you want.

Managing a successful Social Media account takes time, commitment and a meticulously planned approach. Our Social Media Management Service will ensure your Social Media engagement goals are not only met, but exceeded.


You can then divert your energy into your business whilst we build your Social community and grow your online presence. Wolfluxe will improve your email list, optimise word of mouth referrals, increase website traffic and ultimately boost your revenue. We know that successful Social Media Marketing is a skill, and certainly not something that should be overlooked or rushed.


Wolfluxe can give your brand the attention it so rightly deserves. We promise as once you join the wolf pack, we are devoted to your business and its online growth.

Wolfluxe believe that there is more to creating Social content that meets the eye. The aim of Content Creation is not solely based on post aesthetic, but also creating content that resonates with your audience. Creating authentic content that is bespoke to your brand and engages with your audience is essential for business growth. Wolfluxe understands that in order to generate likes, shares, comments, retweets and followers, content must be consistent and innovative. 


We are therefore committed to continually optimise your Social Media content strategy alongside the evolving online possibilities that Social Media offers. This includes applying our expertise in digital design, animation, copywriting and photography. We can assure you that we can make your brand stand out from online noise. Each post created by us will be drafted with the Social Media platform in mind. For instance, we believe that using relevant hashtags, emojis and Social influencers to boost your online reputation is essential for optimal reach. Get in touch with the wolf pack to find out what we could do for your brand

A whopping 1.6 billion people worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook. Just take a moment for that to sink in, and then imagine how many potential clients you could reach by investing in an effective Facebook Advertising campaign. More recently, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Messenger have also implemented Ads into their platform. The brilliant thing about using Social Media as an advertising platform is that you can target specific audiences that you know are likely to have an interest in your brand, and what it offers. 


Wolfluxe are keen to show you how targeting Social Media users via Social Media Ads can drive brand awareness and discovery. For example, employing such advertising services into your Social Media Marketing campaign will increase your website traffic, improve conversation rates and boost your sales. Additionally, once we have established what your audience like by analysing your Social insights and analytics, we can better target your fans with the content we know will attract them. Wolfluxe are experts in Ad creation (whether your preference is interactive or collaborative), Ad management and Ad evaluation so future material can be converted into the results you want.

We do not launch your brand into the world of Social Media and just hope for the best. At Wolfluxe, we are committed to monitoring, measuring, amending and optimising your Social Media performance continually in order to boost the impact your online presence has on your audience. We continuously review lead quality and conversation rates to ensure you are receiving the best ROI (return on investment). 


By tracking and evaluating Social performance analytics, we are able to provide your business with detailed information about the efficiency of your Social Media Marketing campaign in terms of your business goals. This facilitates the optimisation of your brands Social e.g. every month you will receive an in-depth summary of how well your adverts and posts have performed based on expertly selected demographics, user behaviour and advert engagement. The results, and more importantly, the following plan of action based on the data will make it almost impossible for your targeted audience to miss you on Social Media.



With the evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence, performance tracking and platform analytics has the potential to have an even more significant impact on the use of your Social Media as a Digital Marketing Tool in the future. This is very exciting as Social Media does not only give you a promotional advantage, but it also collects masses of data on users. This enables content to be targeted to demographic user preferences and allows us to appropriately segmented audiences into user groups based on likes and dislikes of your audience. We recognise that different audiences require different approaches. Applying this information to your Social Media Marketing Strategy guarantees you are spending money in a tactical manner and targeting audiences with suitable content.

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