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Email marketing is more sophisticated now than it has ever been before. At Wolfluxe, we understand that sending blanket emails to current customers is no longer effective in promoting brand awareness and securing sales. Without a well-informed strategy, you are likely to drive customers away rather than generate the results you aim to achieve. So why risk it when we can do all the hard work for you? 

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Email Marketing typically generates returns on investment of around 40:1 and is probably one of the most cost-effective marketing tools out there to date. Research shows that even a simple welcome email can increase revenue by 320% with the right strategy. Lucky for you, our team are professionals in reinforcing your brand in order to retain your existing customer pool, in addition to attracting new business to your website. This provides your brand with a greater opportunity to convert your audience to clients. After all, 66% of customers purchase as a result of an email marketing message, so what are you waiting for?

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As experts in Email Marketing, we are experienced in building subscriber lists authentically, as we know this is the best way to maintain a loyal consumer community who cannot help but return to your site. Our Email Marketing campaigns are specially designed to target your brand’s consumer audience at the right time of the day. We also believe that all the content we create for you adopts enticing visuals, the appropriate language that resonates with your target audience and aesthetics that reflect your brand’s personality. This way, we know we can generate powerful results for your business whether you are just starting up or have been in the industry for a while.

ROI of around 40:1

Increase of revenue by 320%

66% of customers purchase from email


At Wolfluxe (a leading email marketing agency), lead generation through Email Marketing is our bread and butter. We are committed to developing strategic, targeted campaigns that we know your customers will respond to and enjoy engaging with. Our skilled team will be able to see exactly who has opened, interacted with and read the emails we send out, and also who decided to browse your website and make a purchase as a result of receiving the email. With this information, we will help you grow your contact list and optimise your campaign according to your customer’s most likely journey to purchase. 

You might be thinking about where all the data, generated through your Email Marketing campaign will be stored? Fear not. Before launching your campaign, we will have already created a database in line with GDPR (general data protection regulation) to store all of this invaluable information. This way, you will always have a well-maintained list of opted-in contacts to send to.

All our Email Marketing templates are designed just for you as we know it is crucial that your campaign reflects your brand’s personality, values and selling points. We will work with you to develop an eye-catching array of templates for you to pick from. Whether you opt for a minimal, clean and crisp aesthetic, or a more colourful, fun and interactive design, we will ensure your campaign is responsive and engaging for your target audience. 

From conducting comprehensive research within the field, Wolfluxe knows what works and what doesn’t for different brands in terms of Email Marketing, especially if you are a Manchester-based business. Despite there being a wealth of differences and a need for brand personalisation, we know that templates must be both versatile and editable in all cases. This allows us to fine-tune your campaign so it evolves with your target audience and your brand’s growth. 

One of the complexities of being alive in the current digital age is that not everyone uses the same digital platform to read and browse emails. This is why we perform cross-platform tests before launching your campaign so we can be sure your content looks great on each and every platform your customers are likely to use.

Testing and reporting are possibly some of the most important aspects of your Email Marketing campaign. By mapping the workflow of communications from the second we launch your campaign, we will gradually attain a glimpse of your consumer’s digital lifecycle. This information will be constantly evaluated so we can optimise your current campaign in real-time to deliver results that keep on getting better and better. 

Not only are we an advocate of content personalisation, we believe that content must be engaging in order to build a loyal customer mailing list. We want to build a trusting relationship between your brand and your clients, and we can do this by testing how relevant and direct your campaign is. Everyone who receives your Email Marketing content should be made to feel special and believe their wants and needs are being addressed. 

In addition to constant testing, as your personal Email Marketing specialists, Wolfluxe will generate monthly reports so you are confident the next steps we suggest are well-informed. This will provide evidence that you are getting the most out of being a member of our pack, and we are spending money in the most profitable manner. Influenced by our experience, we know which questions to ask in order to get the best results for your brand (e.g. which colour scheme yields the liveliest conversation rate).

We would not be Manchester’s greatest Email Marketing Agency if we did not look at every possible strategy before deciding on the most appropriate approach for your brand. Wolfluxe is more than aware that Email Marketing is not a one size fits all scenario. We, therefore, conduct multivariate testing to be certain we are doing the best for your business. After all, when you grow, we grow. We thrive when working as a team.

Receiving emails at inconvenient times during the day can take a toll on anyone’s stress levels. This is why we believe that your Email Marketing campaign has to adopt a targeted and scheduled approach. For example, if we identify that the majority of your audience works a 9-5 job, then scheduling emails to be sent in the evening would be more effective. In this case, your clients are more likely to feel relaxed and have the time to open your email and read it properly. When you join the pack, we will generate data on your audience to figure out the optimum time to send Marketing Emails. 

One of our strategies is to characterise your target audience into dynamic segments so we can target specific subscriber groups with specific content we know they will love. This is called segmentation and works by splitting your consumer audience into groups defined by their interests, likes, dislikes and digital behaviour. Segmentation in Email Marketing improves response rate, sales and revenue. This is something we will apply to your campaign to increase your sales and revenue. 

Our Email Marketing team at Wolfluxe are also confident in applying AI in order to achieve marketing automation funnels that are highly relevant to your target audience. With the data generated from your specially designed campaign, we will tap into your customer’s acquisition journey.

No customer acquisition journey is linear. We know it is possible your customers will take various routes before they potentially convert. Choosing Wolfluxe as your personal Email Marketing Agency, we will target your audience at the perfect time and create the perfect moment to make the most valuable conversations happen. We will apply our knowledge on Attribution Marketing to determine which channels and messages have the greatest impact on the client’s decision to convert. This strategy is tried and tested and can increase revenue by 15% to 35%.

Email Marketing is a tried and tested, refined sales tool that has a well-established position in forming trustworthy relationships with your customers. Wolfluxe will help you send personalised and relevant messages to members of your consumer pool who are interested in your brand’s news. We will listen to your aims and apply our sought-after strategies to your brand’s campaign to remind customers of your brand, where you are and what you are doing.

When you join the Wolfluxe pack, you will be looked after like our own. We are dedicated to making your Email Marketing success and will tell your customers what they ought to know e.g. your latest offers, new products and services and anything you think they are missing out on. We know that Email Marketing is a perfect call to action opportunity and a bespoke method that we can use in order to drive customers to your website. Research shows that targeting previous customers in 5 times more likely to result in a purchase than chasing cold members of your audience. This is just one example of how we can target potential clients at various stages of the conversation funnel.

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