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Wolfluxe specialises in creating winning content for your business that doesn’t only boost your sales, but also resonates with your audience so they keep on coming back. We understand that a successful Content Marketing campaign must get to know what your audience loves, values and enjoys talking about before putting pen to paper in terms of creation. Our team also appreciates that Content Marketing is not only about creating material that is aesthetically pleasing. Content Marketing is in fact the backbone of successful SEO and lead generation. It plays a significant role in search engine scoring, social sharing and brand promotion. You, therefore, want to make sure that you have it under wraps, as it could be an element of your company that has the potential to make or break your brand.


How the content marketing team at Wolfluxe can help_

Your Content Marketing Strategy has to be well designed and thoroughly planned. Adding creativity alone is no longer good enough to stand out from your competitors. Now, a more technical and scientific approach in addition to originality is required. Wolfluxe believes in combining a data-driven method with creativity when building an effective Content Strategy. For example, we will ask the questions that generate the results your brand needs to grow such as ‘why did your audience engage with this week’s video more than last week’s?’ and ‘why are your consumers more active on Instagram than on Twitter?’

With this information, we can ensure that only high-quality and optimally crafted content is put in front of the eyes of your target audience. Every piece of work carried out by our Content Marketing team is well-planned, defined and executed to provide you with the best results. 

We understand that the algorithms behind Social Media and popular search engines such as Google continually change and evolve alongside technology. It is therefore easy to get carried away with writing content that is too focussed on including key-words and does not make complete sense. However, Wolfluxe is committed to continually adapting your Content Marketing Strategy so it always fits with the best SEO practices but never loses your brand's imaginative, unique and personalised style that your target audience is obsessed with.

No Content Marketing Strategy is complete without knowing your audience. It is so important to make sure that the content you are publishing is matched to the relevant consumers. For example, your audience can be organised into subgroups depending on their likes, dislikes and demographic characteristics. Your Content Marketing schedule should detail which content is best assigned to which audience group in order to gain the best response. It should also include information about the time of day and day of the week your content should be made available for your customers to see. And not to forget, the same content cannot be made available on all platforms you have access to. This also needs to be fine-tuned and included in your schedule. This process is timely and should not be rushed, but Wolfluxe can help you build a clearer image of your customers and their personas to optimise your Content Marketing game.

Content only performs well when it has a clear aim, purpose and sensibility. Wolfluxe is passionate about working with you to create incomparable content that produces the outcomes your brand aims to achieve. Yes, we think the content should be imaginative, creative, well-crafted, personalised and written in the correct tone of voice, but it should also have a clear purpose. Don’t leave your customers asking ‘why’. We can help you produce content that is tactical in its appearance and take-home message by combining aesthetically pleasing visuals with important information we know your audience wants to know.

To maximise your Digital Marketing Strategy, our team believes that it is mandatory to dive your brand into the world of Social Media. Social Media Marketing and the use of influencers for outreach gives your high-quality content its own independent launch-pad. Only then can you optimise your PPC (Pay-Per-Click) market. The use of Instagram and Facebook Ads can completely reshape your return on Content Marketing. To find out more about what we offer, take a look at our Social Media Marketing page.

The competitive nature of online Content Marketing continues to grow each day, which makes it all the more challenging to get your brand shown on the first page of a Google search. Back in the day, ramming your content with loads of keywords seemed to be enough to get your website featured on most search engines. However, this is no longer the case and Longform content is now the way forward. If you are unsure what Longform content is, here is our definition:

“Longform content is content that contains lots of in-depth information on a given topic. The length of the content usually falls between 700 and 2,000 words, however, this will depend on the subject matter.”

You may be reading this and thinking you just need to write meatier articles to achieve higher search engine rankings, however, what makes Longform content a little more complex is that all the words need to relevant to your message. It is no good if you are writing huge paragraphs of redundant information on each webpage. For it to work, the content must be relevant, informative and well written. 

Good news for you though, Wolfluxe are specialists in creating Longform content that will keep your audience and Google happy. We incorporate our expertise in evaluating methods to optimise your SEO and keyword search rankings which makes your content more visible to search engines. This ultimately boosts user engagement and website traffic leading to an increase in your company’s revenue.

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BLOGS_ + -

Our specialist Content Marketers will increase your search exposure, attract top-funnel visitors and promote your brand awareness by creating intuitively written blog posts your audience are guaranteed to love. Wolfluxe is experienced in making such posts personalised to your brand and its target audience in order to optimise your ranking on search engines.

eBooks_ + -

All android devices now come with a built-in eBook reading tool called Google Play Books. This evidences how popular eBooks have become amongst the general population in recent years. Even the Digital marketing expert Neil Patel lists eBooks second on his list of ‘ways to create lead-generating content’, just behind data-driven case studies.  

The use of eBooks gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand in much greater depth than you are currently able to do in other posts (blog posts are typically a lot shorter in length). This supports the value of Longform content as the more detailed and packed full of important information, the more likely you will score high on Google. 

You might be put off by the amount of research, time and effort it takes to write a profitable eBook, however, they are a perfect resource to use when repurposing content. You could use your favourite chapters to make a blog post, blog posts, promotional email campaign or even podcasts. All these methods again drive engagement, generate leads and increase brand conversation rate. 

Infographics + -

Probably one of Wolfluxe’s favourite Content Marketing methods – Infographics. These visual tools are a brilliant way to portray ordinary text in a fun and eye-catching manner. In order to be a successful Content Marketing asset, they must be well-designed, easy to understand and tell a story that is of interest to your audience. Our team believe they are a compelling way to show off your brand’s creative side, emphasise the use of visual storytelling as a Marketing tool and differentiate your brand from its competitors. We design everything from full-size printable infographics to formatted white papers that demonstrate your brand’s qualities.

Video Production + -

We offer a comprehensive Marketing Video Production Service that is designed to dominate your business field. This includes everything from pre-production to image acquisition and editing. As a potential client of ours, you should know that our Video Production Service ensures each video has just one thing in common. They aim to win the heart of your audience through increasing sales and brand awareness. Our videos are powerful in their ability to engage with your target audience from the second they lay eyes on it. Just you wait to see how they use of videos in your Marketing Strategy can generate immediate sales enquiries from your webpage.

Email Newsletters + -

One of the best things about creating a regular Email Newsletter is that your brand becomes a part of your target audience’s weekly content consumption diet. As a result, your brands Content Marketing Newsletter helps build a reading habit for your target audience. You can set a scene in the mind of your audience, rather like inducing an internal trigger to seek out more information, before they are exposed to any more content through Social Media for example. 

As Email Newsletters are sent directly to your customer’s inbox, they are another fantastic way to build a relationship with your audience and gain trust. Ann Handley, a Digital Marketing pioneer, writer and speaker believes that the most important part of a newsletter is NOT the news, BUT the letter. It should be personalised to your audience. Make them feel part of something and involved in your brand.

Case Studies and Testimonials + -

Case studies, reviews and client testimonials are more than a marketing tool, they are social proof of your brand’s success. They allow you to explain the positive impact your brand has had on a client. When creating a Case Study from the feedback you have received, it is important, to begin with describing the client’s initial pain points and how your brand managed to rectify them. Being able to highlight the value your brand has had on a real person provides your audience with evidence that you are as good as you say you are. This transparency leads to gaining trust from your customers. 

Just think about it. When you are searching the internet for some new headphones, for example, you look at the reviews and see which brand has the most reviews and the best reviews. You are more inclined to purchase the headphones from the company that has the most favourable reviews. This is exactly the effect positive case studies and client testimonials have on your Content Marketing Strategy.

The Value of Our Content Marketing Services _

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You could spend months creating as many beautifully looking blog posts, social media posts, email marketing campaigns as you like, but at the end of the day, if they do not result in a growth of loyal customers then you have ultimately wasted both time and money. Wolfluxe is aware that content is only effective if it targets your audience properly and drives them to continually engage with your brand. To avoid your brand getting lost amidst the overcrowded noise online, we aim to make your competitors envious of the content you produce due to the traffic it delivers.

Great content is pivotal for your brand’s success. It has the power to drive website traffic, increase search engine rankings and create solid relationships with your customers. This is why Wolfluxe are dedicated to providing you with the best Content Marketing Services in the UK as we believe Content Marketing is a fundamental aspect of the journey your brand has to make in order to become your customer’s go-to brand all of the time.

What makes us stand out is that we know that every single product and its unique selling points must be promoted in the best possible light. It is essential that your content engages with your audience, and includes informative but creative language that is carefully written to draw more customers in. Furthermore, the platforms you select to promote your brand should be appropriately matched to your target audience (e.g. audiences differ dramatically between platforms such as email and Snapchat). This is why we are committed to getting to know your audience first, so we can tailor your content to their interests. We can do this in numerous ways such as creating interactive polls, videos, infographics, blog posts and so much more. 

Ultimately, the principal goal of an effective Content Marketing Strategy is to convert your fans into loyal customers who are just as crazy about your brand as you are. We will make sure your customers won’t be able to resist sharing everything they love about your brand to their individual audiences, which subsequently drives brand awareness above what you thought was possible. Our Content Marketing Services at Wolfluxe are sought after as we produce content your audience loves to generate the results you want.

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